7 Web Design Trends You Should Consider This 2021

Millie Manahan

Written by Millie Manahan

May 13, 2021

Are you torn between a traditional and an immersive web design for your business? If so, this article will help you. At Mars Digital, we take web design tasks and innovations seriously. After all, the first impression we want to leave behind is “wow” and the rest must be history. As a digital marketing agency in Auckland, we find solutions to all business owners, especially, their websites and digital marketing tasks. One of which is to keep up with the latest trends on and offline!


Evidently, with the fast-pacing digital advancement comes website design trends and innovations. The design elements and features from the previous years may have grown too familiar, cliched, or even non-engaging. As we make it to another month of 2021, here are a few of the latest website design trends, standards, and innovations you can consider on your website this year.

    1. Retro Fonts

    It is no longer surprising to see designs that feature vintage typography. However, more and more throwback typography has been emerging back in the present. What makes it even more exciting is that these new styles that are being used are reimagined in artistry. Creatives and designers are combining traditional old fonts with a modern spin. Aside from keeping it legible, the goal is to brand the contemporary retro. 

    2. Horizontal Scrolling

    Aside from being different, web designers continue to experiment with horizontal scrolls to create an impression like an image gallery. Regarded as “web design faux-pas,” this feature is now being employed successfully in 2021 but with reminders:


    • Using clear visual cues will help to indicate where and which content uses horizontal scrolling.
    • Allow your users to have an alternative way to navigate your site such as arrow buttons, horizontal scrolling may not be convenient for them.
    • Texts should not require a horizontal scroll to be read, make sure to choose the content that would benefit from this type of feature – you do not want to overdo it

      3. Multimedia Experiences

      What makes a web designer happier than viewers satisfied with a rich user experience? 

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      Multimedia features on websites bring text, colours, visuals, video, and audio altogether that make it functional and engaging at the same time.  Why use it on your website this 2021?

      • It includes closed transcripts for all pre-recorded multimedia attachments.
      • Motion and audio are combined which makes it uncomplicated. 
      • Maximized accessibility of content through using diverse media formats.
      • Make sure to provide a “play” button to allow users to navigate the site with an option to play and pause the website content.

      For more effective results, keep in mind that providing a multimedia experience should be accessible and unproblematic for every user. 


      4. Cartoon Illustrations

      Looking back, web designs were more of a combo of text, images, and graphics. But as we flip another page in history, designers are now creating a personal connection with users using cartoon illustrations. Website developers in NZ are getting more creative as well. It definitely gained popularity as it tops a website with humanity.

       Cartoon illustrations offer a more personalised brand with a core of creativity. There are lots of platforms where you can find custom character illustrations such as Blush, Designer.io, Stubborn, etc. This year, we cannot wait for this feature to blow up and encourage more web designers in NZ to curate their brand identity with the use of cartoon illustrations

      5. Embedded Videos on the Homepage

      Using video on your website is one of the best and engaging web design trends this year. It gives users a sneak peek about the brand, including its persona, goals, services, and products. When you visit a website with a video on its homepage, this feature grabs the attention of the users and makes them understand what the site offers. It has also been recommended by website designers to hop into this trend in 2021.

      6. Creative Colour Branding

      This website design trend helps the users to navigate through the builds associations with services based on colours subconsciously. Web designers explain that adding multiple colours on your webpage creates more interaction with users. Choose the colours that match your brand or products, and make every interaction with elements more user-friendly (and catchy!).

      7. Footer Upgrades

      Mostly, we leave website footers out of the overall design – but that has come to an end this year. We see footers before as part where we can put all of our contact information or attach the sign-up form. Today, it has transitioned into space to incorporate extra elements that make it more inclusive to the overall design. You can try boosting it up by adding social media icons, images, site search tools, mini-galleries, testimonials, and even the latest articles.

      Over To You

      The year 2021 is the year of ingenuity and agility. Everything is fast-paced and every day means new challenges and learnings. We all need to keep up with the latest trends. Is your website responsive? Read how we can help you here. Do you have enough content or blogs on your site


      Whatever your answer may be, if you feel you need help in fixing your website and digital marketing strategies, drop us a line. 

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