Designed by Redspark Creative and built with flair by Mars Digital.

Collaboration with Redspark

We have recently completed a web development project for an exciting New Zealand based company called Zakmir. The website we created was designed by Redspark Creative, but we added some of our own flair to make it that little bit more unique. We’re really proud of how everything turned out as the website is a perfect reflection of the client’s brand. The extra touches we added here and there really make the site stand out and gives Zakmir a modern hub to show off all their products.

About Zakmir

Zakmir is a family-owned business established by pharmacists in New Zealand. The name of the brand actually comes from the name of the family who started it. This company has spotted a key gap in the supplement market in NZ. They produce high-quality omega-3 fish oil supplements, but the twist is that they’re halal-certified. It’s very difficult to find a product like this in the country, meaning many people had to order halal fish oil supplements from overseas, making them very costly. Zakmir uses natural ingredients to offer excellent supplements at a price all consumers will enjoy.

The Zakmir family realised they needed a modern website to help grow the brand and gain new customers. They wanted something sleek and unique – a site that reflected the company image. So, ourselves and Redspark Creative got together and created a site that more than matched their expectations.

Interactive Elements

One of the key things we added to the website design was the small interactive animations. You see these as you scroll down the page, and different parts of the site slide into place. It’s a very unique touch that makes the website stand out from many others. We also found that it adds more fluidity when scrolling, creating a better experience for the user.

Uniquely New Zealand

The Māori culture is very significant here in New Zealand, and Zakmir wanted to represent it. After all, they’re a local business run by a family that’s grown up in this wonderful country. So, we took the interactive animations and made them a koru design. As such, when you scroll up/down a page, you get the unfurling and coming together of this beautiful design. Those of you that are brushed up on your Maori heritage know this little coil is a key symbol in Maori art and is seen on sculptures, tattoos, and various other pieces. It’s a symbol of new life, growth, strength, and peace – which we found to be perfect for the Zakmir brand.

Overall, the finished product is extremely clean, de-cluttered, and pleasing on the eye. Everyone is happy with how things turned out, and it’s yet another successful project by our team!

If you’d like to see it for yourself, you can check out the Zakmir website here.

While you’re on there, we recommend checking out their range of products if you’re looking for halal-certified natural supplements to aid your health. They have some fantastic fish oil supplements that are fine for Muslims – and anyone else that’s looking for halal products – to use.