Osteo Clinic

A modern, clean, WordPress website designed to generate leads and online bookings, with a custom design and build customer management system in the backend for recording patient information.

Problem & Solution

Our client, Cheri, had just started her own osteopath and acupuncture clinic and needed a brand new website including design, build and Google optimisation. Having just started her own practice she was also on a budget. The task we had was to develop a modern, well designed and structurally sound website as well as a system she could use to take online bookings and manage her clients! Ultimately we were to develop a complete solution for Cheri that adhered to the legal requirements and guidelines outlined the Ministry of Health and HISO (Health Information Standards Organisation) when dealing with confidential patient data.

We got Cheri to help wherever possible, doing this we were able to reduce the number of hours spent on developing the Osteo Clinic website, and ultimately the cost. She was able to provide us with example sites she liked as well as the exact breakdown of data she needed to record against her patients. She also wrote the content for the site and added her schedule to the booking system. All this meant we could concentrate on the security of the website and developing a fully customised and expandable CRM system. We were then able to piece together a mock design based of the examples and make the necessary tweaks as well as alter the content and perform onsite SEO, all within the original budget.

Online Booking with WordPress

One of the biggest and most important features of the Osteo Clinic website is the ability for patients to book an appointment online. This type of feature is almost a must for industries such as dentistry, doctors, osteopaths, restaurants and many more. For Osteo Clinic we used a booking plugin that can be easily customisable to suit the website’s colour scheme and integrates directly into the website.

Information Security, HISO & Custom CRM Creation

A standard SSL certificate wasn’t going to cut it for the security for the Osteo Clinic website. The HISO has a list of requirements and procedures that needed to be studied, summarised and put into practice. So not only did we include an SSL certificate, but also a variety of other techniques to minimise any risk. These include but aren’t limit to two factor authentication, spam and bot protection, brute force protection and login limits, IP restrictions and more.

The task we had set out for us here was to recreate a full customer management tool that allows Osteo Clinic to collect, record, review and update information on patients with ease. They needed to be able to quickly find a patient with a search tool and then to be able to easily locate the necessary information, whether it was contact details, medical history or payment information. To do this we set out creating a unique plugin for the WordPress website and used Advanced Custom Fields to help us populate the plugin with a variety of input boxes that make up the CRM system.