Mars Digital Career Opportunities
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A Driving Force for Positive Change

Mars Digital is a full service digital agency based here in New Zealand with the ability to serve clients locally and abroad. We are passionate about creating digital solutions and delivering results beyond all expectations for our clients. In fact, we are so passionate about providing services that will help our clients be successful that we don’t have clients, we have partners.  At Mars Digital we are always looking for the next best thing in the digital space, the next piece of technology that can change peoples lives. In such a fast paced industry Mars Digital is a young, innovative, determined agency and we’re looking for like minded people to join our elite team.

The tagline on our website sums up perfectly who we are and what we do, “A digital agency that creates solutions, not just websites”. Yes, we build websites but we don’t just copy and paste, we conceive digital solutions for our partners and then put them into practice. This means design, development, search engine optimisation, Google Ads, Facebook and social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and even offline continuity.

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

Part of creating a successful online presence is having the right website, the right functionality and the right user experience for your customers.  That’s why we follow this 4 step process:

Because we recognise that all businesses are different and all websites have different goals, we don’t just have a one size fits all package, we create custom solutions for success.
Project Research
We research your needs and make recommendations for success.
Scoping out the website with user journeys and diagrams.
Your project, our work, your site, our advice,  your design decisions.
Building your digital solution for business success.
A digital agency that creates solutions, not just websites