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We don’t just work with our clients, we teach them!  Our blog is full of free website advice, digital marketing tips and tricks, comprehensive guides, marketing strategies and more to help you and your business!

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Search engine optimisation

The Power of Content

Sometimes you can find the right CRM solution. This article is designed to teach you exactly how to build one yourself, easily. With the code you need written out directly into the article so you can copy and paste and then the rest is just drag and drop.

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Process & Workflow.

Part of creating a successful online presence is having the right website, the right functionality and the right user experience for your customers.  That's why we follow this 4 step process:

Because we recognise that all businesses are different and all websites have different goals, we don't just have a one size fits all package, we create custom solutions for success.

Project Research

We research your needs and make recommendations for success.


Scoping out the website with user journeys and diagrams.


Your project, our work, your site, our advice,  your design decisions.


Building your digital solution for business success.

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It's time to take your business to the next level.  And Mars Digital are the one's that can help get you there.  With custom solutions for any budget, there is nothing holding you back from success!