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mars digital

We work with our clients to create, build and grow their online presence.  From design to deployment and into the future.

Building the future

In an age of competition, where information is available at our finger tips, it’s an imperative to set yourself apart by creating unique and enticing customer experiences.  This all starts with how you engage your audience online in the digital space.

A company’s digital presence can truly determine their success or failure, that’s why at Mars Digital we transform businesses by creating a digital experience that not only captures the imagination but captures the hearts of your customers.  We do this through strong strategic and creative thinking, accompanied by in depth research and analysis, utilising emerging technologies and leveraging experts in every field.

Meet the Founder

Over a decade in the industry, hands-on with 1,000 different projects both big and small.

Matthew Edwards

Mission Director

My entire philosophy, and the reason for starting Mars Digital revolves around creating solutions for clients that generate a positive ROI while fitting a budget.

Too many times I come across examples of digital agencies making decisions and recommendations that benefit them in the short term but provide poor results or give a stunningly low return for their clients. I set out to fix this offering as much of a consultation service as a development one.

I’ve always believed that each business is unique. Bringing this view to Mars Digital means we take the time to understand you and your business before going away, doing the research and coming back to you with our thought out recommendations and the reasoning behind them.

For me, it’s all about building a mutually beneficial partnership.


Our Work

We’re proud of all the work we do at Mars Digital, but here’s a small taste of some of the projects that we’ve worked on. 

Blending Experience and Innovation

Founded on the principle that no two companies are the same, we take the time to understand your business and design the right solution.