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mars digital

We work with our clients to create, build and grow their online presence.  From design to deployment and into the future.

Building the future

In an age of competition, where information is available at our finger tips, it’s an imperative to set yourself apart by creating unique and enticing customer experiences.  This all starts with how you engage your audience online in the digital space.

A company’s digital presence can truly determine their success or failure, that’s why at Mars Digital we transform businesses by creating a digital experience that not only captures the imagination but captures the hearts of your customers.  We do this through strong strategic and creative thinking, accompanied by in depth research and analysis, utilising emerging technologies and leveraging experts in every field.

What we do

Here at Mars Digital we are a full service digital agency providing consultation, web design, development and digital marketing.


UX Research

Every website is unique because every business is unique.  We do the research and build the best user experience for you and your customers!

Brand Identity

A website creates a first impression with your new customers.  Getting the right message across is of paramount importance. We can help!

Web Development

More than just a stylish design with an intuitive interface, your website should be functional and help perform daily tasks.  Enter web development!

Web Design

With more and more users accessing websites using smartphones and tablets it’s important to have a responsive site, that’s why all our websites are optimised for mobile devices.

Digital Strategy

We’re here to take dreams and make them reality.  We do this by using technology to streamline business processes.

Online Marketing

Get the most out of your website with our digital marketing expertise, whether you want to be on the first page of Google or implement a killer social media campaign, we’re your agency!

Our Work

We’re proud of all the work we do at Mars Digital, but here’s a small taste of some of the projects that we’ve worked on. 

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

Part of creating a successful online presence is having the right website, the right functionality and the right user experience for your customers.  That's why we follow this 4 step process:

Because we recognise that all businesses are different and all websites have different goals, we don't just have a one size fits all package, we create custom solutions for success.

Project Research

We research your needs and make recommendations for success.


Scoping out the website with user journeys and diagrams.


Your project, our work, your site, our advice,  your design decisions.


Building your digital solution for business success.

Let's Work Together

It's time to take your business to the next level.  And Mars Digital are the one's that can help get you there.  With custom solutions for any budget, there is nothing holding you back from success!