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A new website all about modern trends, utilising movement and animation as much as possible.

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Client | Hibiscus Coast Panel Beaters

All About Movement

Mars Digital has recently undergone a web design project for Hibiscus Coast Panel Beaters. The client wanted a new and updated website that fell more in line with modern trends. They were looking for something that could draw in new customers and rank well in search engines. After listening to their requirements and conducting some competitor analysis, we created a brand new site that was pushed live within the last couple of weeks.

Hibiscus Coast Panel Beaters is a company that specialises in collision repairs and vehicle respraying. They’re the experts in their field, with a service that’s both professional and innovative. So, we wanted to bring some of these elements to the website. It now features a cutting-edge modern design that’s very crisp and clean. There’s no clutter on the page, meaning any users can see all the information they need. It’s kitted out in deep blue colours, perfectly aligning with the brand image.

We also implemented some unique animated elements that kick in when the pages are scrolled down. It brings different parts of the site together to form images and menus, creating an amazing effect

A Focus on Conversion Rate Optimisation

One thing we’re big on is designing websites that convert. This is always a top priority for clients, and it was the same for Hibiscus Coast Panel Beaters. As a company that relies on customers coming to their premises, the client needed to generate leads through phone calls or contact forms.

Consequently, the web design of the new website includes call-to-actions on each page. They’re highly visible and easy for leads to click on. This takes them to contact pages providing the business numbers and a form to fill in. It’s a key feature of all of our websites – we also build them to provide clients with an optimal conversion rate.

SEO Friendly

Similarly, the new website is built with SEO in mind. This stands for search engine optimisation, which essentially means the site performs well in search engines. We analysed the client and looked at competitors to see which keywords should be focused on. We then developed the site to incorporate the target keywords in the content, headers, and URL addresses.

Alongside this, we also structured the site to appeal to search engines. It’s responsive, loads incredibly fast, and ticks all the right boxes for on-page SEO. The result is a website that looks amazing, functions brilliantly, and ranks highly for the client’s target keywords.

Overall, the team at Mars Digital is incredibly pleased with the results. Hibiscus Panel Beaters is a premium brand with big expectations. We’re happy to have created a website that reflects the brand so perfectly. If you’d like to see the website for yourself, then feel free to click here. We also highly recommend the client if your vehicle has been damaged and you want to restore it to factory condition. They offer a highly professional service, and it’s now easy to get in touch thanks to the new website!

At Mars Digital, we’re always proud to provide innovative web design solutions for a range of different clients. If you need a new website to enhance your image and boost conversions, please contact us today.