JC Project Consulting

We've recently launched the new website for JC Project Consulting. A local, Hibiscus Coast based, development project consultancy company. Check out what we've put together for them here.

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User Friendly

Built to be intuitive, easy to navigate and easy to update without any website experience.


Responsive Design

Designed specifically to function across all devices, the site works well on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.


Individual Service Pages

Custom-designed template for individual services makes adding new and updating existing services a breeze.


Built to Convert

Clickable phone numbers, social links and easy to complete forms increase conversions and capture leads.


SEO Friendly Structure

Built with SEO in mind, the website structure is set up to make any SEO efforts as productive as possible.


Integrated with Analytics

Fully integrated with Google Analytics to monitor and record user interactions, conversions and discover opportunities.

WordPress Design & Build

The new website for JC Project Consulting has been launched! This particular website is a new venture for the client, who wanted a professional, user friendly website that can take them to the top of their industry. As a result we, Mars Digital, put together our development and design skills and utilised the flexibility of the WordPress platform.

The website uses the latest web design standards and makes use of the latest website technology.

Editing a Site with Dynamic Content

Uniquely designed templates drive individual service, project and blog pages making it as easy as possible to create new content and edit existing content.

Along with the use of dynamic boxes on various pages, the client can rest assured the website is always up to date whenever they add a new service, project or blog post.

Optimised for Conversions

Calls to action located in strategic places throughout the website lead visitors down a user journey. At the end they are given the options they expect to contact JC Project Consulting.

From clickable phone numbers for mobile users, to an easy to complete contact form and clickable mailto link, to social media links to Facebook and Instagram. The site is designed to make getting in touch as easy as possible.