The Power of Content and Why You Need a Blog

Matthew Edwards

Written by Matthew Edwards

April 15, 2021

Content is king. Without content, your business won’t survive in the modern world. In fact, it is pretty much essential for every business to have a blog, allowing you to create unique content as often as possible. Blogging is no longer just a fun way to pass the time, it’s a genuine marketing method for businesses to utilise. If you’re still not convinced, maybe the following points will change your way of thinking…

Content is king!

Blogging directly benefits SEO

53% of website traffic comes from organic searches (Source: BrightEdge). That’s a remarkable figure, and blog content can help you rise up the search rankings in a couple of ways. Firstly, blogging lets you use target keywords in a very natural way, allowing you to appear in relevant searches. It also lets you target very specific searches that you might not be able to rank well in for general web pages. Put simply, a blog makes it easier for people to find you, increasing web traffic.

Also, blog posts can be linked to by other websites/blogs, which helps you generate more inbound links to your site. This is a significant SEO ranking factor, further improving your search engine performance.

Blog posts build trust

60% of consumers have a positive response to companies after reading content on their site (Source: Content Plus). Another staggering statistic and proves that blogs build trust with the consumer. Users read blog content to learn more about companies, your services, and so on. It makes you feel more human, and they start to trust you more. When done smartly, you can tailor your blog content as a way of promoting services or products, building trust that leads to sales, boosting conversions.

Analytics and Metrics

A blog establishes authority

Following on from the previous point, blogging can also establish your authority within an industry. It’s a way of showcasing your expertise to consumers, proving that you know what you’re talking about. If consumers keep searching for topics or putting questions into Google – and they keep landing on your blog – it soon makes them think that you’re the top dog in your sector. Again, this adds to the trust that you build and will have a direct impact on how many inquiries you receive.

Blogs offer an incredible ROI

The ROI of a blog is unimaginably brilliant. What does it cost to create content for your site? The answer is…not a lot! You can make your own content if you want, but content writing services are highly affordable and represent excellent value for money. Especially when you consider that 92% of companies with a blog have acquired customers directly from it (Source: SocialMediaToday). All of the previous points show how a blog can drive traffic to your website and influence decisions. It’s almost impossible not to get positive outcomes from a blog, which is why they offer such a good ROI.

All in all…

All in all, content is a highly powerful tool for businesses to take advantage of. You can clearly see how useful a blog is for your company, and setting one up should be at the forefront of your mind. Creating excellent content will draw in your target market, improving your reputation and generating more sales at the same time. Ultimately, there’s no reason NOT to have a blog!

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