6 Things To Consider In Making Your Website Responsive And Stand Out

Millie Manahan

Written by Millie Manahan

April 29, 2021

At Mars Digital, we always get questions or statements like “we want a great website,” or “how do we make our website more responsive?” or, better yet, “is it necessary to have a website nowadays?” Notwithstanding, questions about digital marketing solutions, online presence, and more. So, before you jump the gun and start researching how to create a website, ask yourself these questions first:

  • Do I have the time and the patience to build a website?
  • What design do I want to get for my website?
  • Are my products and content already ready to be uploaded?
  • Do I have enough photos to use? 
  • Do I have a budget for a website?

Here to help

Whatever your answers may be, Mars Digital are here to help you find solutions. But today, we are going to try and help explain the reasons why your website should be responsive and must stand out among the rest. 

It may sound old but first impressions last. Studies show that as we progress online, our attention span becomes shorter and shorter. Therefore, we must be able to catch our customer’s attention in a span of 3 seconds. 

Nowadays, it is pivotal for your website to be responsive not only for mobile users but also to different devices such as desktops, tablets, smart TVs, or even gaming consoles. There are a lot of platforms that you can use to build websites. WordPress has been the most preferred Content Management System or CMS platform because of its user-friendly features and SEO or Search Engine Optimization benefits. Apart from the plugins readily available that will ensure your website is at par, it could also boost your marketing and business needs. 

Without further ado, here are the things to consider in creating a responsive website:

1. Mobile-first approach

We know that not all of us have mobile devices, but most of your audience or customers have handheld devices like mobile phones. 

Having a mobile-friendly design helps build the credibility of your brand. It also saves your customers’ time with your website’s easy to maneuver design and functionality. 

Analytics and Metrics

2. Screen Resolution

Each device has its screen specifications. Case in point: Android and Apple users. Both have great functionalities, but they have different screen resolution requirements, which should also be considered an important detail. There are a wide array of screen resolutions that we need to consider for a responsive web design

  • 360×640 (small mobile): 22.64%
  • 1366×768 (average laptop): 11.98%
  • 1920×1080 (large desktop): 7.35%
  • 375×667 (average mobile): 5%
  • 1440×900 (average desktop): 3.17%
  • 720×1280 (large mobile): 2.74%

3. Web Browsers

Another thing to consider is the web browser compatibility across different devices. Here’s a quick overview of the web browser market share for both mobile and desktop: 

  • Chrome: 55.04%
  • Safari: 14.86%
  • UC Browser: 8.69%
  • Firefox: 5.72%
  • Opera: 4.03%
  • Internet Explorer: 3.35%

It is essential to adapt to the web browser and device hardware’s features in every responsive web design.

4. Font Size

Users resent it if they need to zoom in on the website using devices with smaller screen sizes using their mobile phones and tablets. The website’s font size depends on the website being viewed (i.e., mobile, desktop). This feature can be fixed by having the media queries included on the website’s design script or using a CSS framework like Bootstrap for scalable text across all web browsers and devices. 

5. Button Sizes

The same goes with button sizes. For mobile and tablet users, having more oversized, readable buttons that are seamlessly clickable has more chances of clicks and website traffic. 

6. Website availability across devices

Ensure that your website is available on different devices. Not everyone is an Apple user, and not everyone has Android devices either. Therefore, your website must be available across all platforms.

Over To You

It takes time and effort to create a website that fits the company’s needs while considering its behaviour on all web platforms and devices. That is why at Mars Digital, we provide solutions for your website or marketing needs and more. 

In this day and age, where most things are just a tap away or could be done instantly, most people, especially business owners, are stuck on what to do. Yes, there are a lot of online references and a gazillion “how-to” videos on YouTube, but at the end of the day, did it help, or did you feel like you just wasted your precious time? We are a digital agency that creates solutions, not just websites. Leave your digital worries to us. 

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Mars Digital Websites
Mars Digital Websites
Mars Digital Websites

A digital agency that creates solutions, not just websites.


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This isn’t something we thought just sounded good, it really is our underlying purpose, our goal and our motto.  We focus on developing ideas and bringing them to live through the use of the internet and related technologies.

We look into the issues and limits that a business is faced with and put our minds together to find a way to smash through the barrier and help your business soar!

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