Why Having A Local SEO For Franchises Beneficial To The Business

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a necessity to have a distinct presence in your local market. Your brand awareness is an essential factor if you wish to become successful with your franchise business.

When choosing your business models, the franchise is probably the most stable and secure way to operate a business. Local SEO for franchises has a lot of advantages over other business models as it provides security and stability to its member operators.

The first and greatest benefit of having good brand awareness is the all-important customer loyalty that follows suit. For us or our customers, it boils down to one thing: trust. At Mars Digital, questions like “why SEO is so Important to Franchises” are some of the questions we address every day.

The reason why SEO is so important for Franchises is because SEO helps to rank your site on Google. As a result, your leads can be converted to sales.

SEO is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. It can help you advertise your products or services online and it will make sure people find you when they search for things like “Best Franchises in NZ.”

Search Engine Optimisation usually works as follows:

1) You create digital marketing content around a specific keyword/set of keywords – This could be anything from articles, blogs, or videos but all SEO content needs to include these keywords to aid Google and the Search Engines.

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2) Links are created from this high-quality SEO content onto other sites – The more relevant links coming into your SEO content the better, the quality of your SEO content also comes into play.

3) SEO lists are created that contain relevant SEO keywords – These SEO lists will then be submitted to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing so that they can rank those SEO videos or articles on their site via Google Ads or articles.


The best franchises by far are the ones that have already started doing SEO, even though, minimal efforts. There are many things that people need to think about when they start looking into SEO for Franchises:

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What Keywords do I want my Franchise SEO page to rank for?

Well, this sort of goes without saying but you’ll obviously want your SEO pages or videos, etc. to rank on Google for keywords like “best franchises in the NZ” or “top 10 franchises” as this will give you SEO traffic (traffic generated from SEO).

How is SEO supposed to help my business?

SEO is made up of many different things and there are many ways in which you can make it work for you. SEO works extremely well online when used with other digital marketing techniques such as Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising, just to name a few.

What are the Best Digital Platforms to get SEO Traffic?

The answer to this question could take me an entire article but if we’re talking about the best platforms for SEO traffic then there’s one clear winner: YouTube! YouTube is by far the most popular video-sharing site online and can be used to rank SEO videos on YouTube in any niche. Of course, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others still play a vital role in Digital Marketing. The question is: how many platforms can you manage?

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How am I supposed to know which SEO techniques will work best for me?

If your SEO content isn’t working out how you want it, then you must consider revisiting your content plan. Export all the data you can gather from your website down to your social media accounts. Check which content or post had an impact, and re-assess from there.

A local SEO expert should also be proactive in making new connections which will help put you on the radar of potential customers who are looking for your brands. It is a big commitment to avail of this service but at least it assures that you have an upper hand against other competing businesses with similar products and services to yours.

At Mars Digital, we provide solutions for your businesses. We can tailor-fit your needs to our current business plans. After all, we don’t just create websites, we create solutions for you.  We can audit your site and from there we could give you pieces of advice as to how you can improve your SEO strategies. Get in touch at www.marsdigital.co.nz.


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