Checklist: Things To Consider Before Hiring A Website Development Company

Written by Millie Manahan

May 20, 2022

Undoubtedly, your business and sales rely on your website. 94% of consumers search for websites first then check their social media platforms for that extra “credibility” before making a decision. Having said that, is your website stunning? Is it mobile-friendly? Is it easy to navigate? And just when you’ve finally decided to hire a website development company to take care of all your website needs, you’re stuck with so many options online. When you search for possible website development companies in NZ, you’d be surprised. You are not alone. Most of our clients experienced the same predicament until they found us. Let’s spare you from companies that promise everything just to onboard you for nothing. But before anything else, why do you need a website developer? 

As it implies, website development pertains to building, creating, and maintaining websites. This includes web designing, programming, and database management. So, if you don’t have enough knowledge about these things, you need skilled professionals to help you out. Most website development companies help you build a website with a stunning design, appear on Google searches, and safely store all your information online. In a nutshell, the future of your business sales relies on your website developer.

Now that you have a hint of what a website development company does for you, the next step is to consider this checklist first before hiring one for your next project.

List down your requirements

In hiring a website development company, you need to categorise it into two sections: (1) for your potential and loyal customers and (2) for your employees.

For your potential and loyal customers

Have you visited your website yet? Have you tried filling out the contact form? How about ordering from your website? Do you find it seamless or hard to navigate? Does it load slow or fast enough? Whatever your answers may be, how people see your website determines your company values. If your website loads slow and is hard to navigate, they’ll leave your website right away. They’ll conclude that if your website is confusing, so are the people running it. For potential customers, a first impression is vital. With our attention span getting shorter every day, the more you need to step up and do something about your website.

For your employees

Your requirements must also include the seamlessness of the backend support – your employees. It should be easier for them to manage, receive, and navigate. 

    Credibility and Referrals

    Once you have figured out what you need, next is to check the website development company’s credibility. Ask if they have an online portfolio. They’re offering website development services, so it’s just fair to check also if their website is easy to navigate, has legitimate clients and testimonials, and provides services that suit your needs.

    Check the following:

    • Client’s testimonials – read carefully and check if the companies are legit. 
    • Past and present projects – did they develop websites that you’re familiar with?
    • Referrals – are they being referred by friends, family, or colleagues? Ask if they are easy to work with? Are they easy to communicate with? Are they understanding?
    • Is their website easy to navigate?
    • Does it load fast? Is the design confusing?
    • Are their client’s websites optimised?
    • Accreditation – are they accredited by several government organisations or legitimate community-based groups?

    Modernisation and Digitalisation

    Almost 97% of the population is modernised and into a hybrid workforce setup. Is the website development company you’re hiring technology-adept? Are they on top of the latest technology breakthroughs? Are they also digital marketing experts? Do they have software or equipment to avoid an unavoidable data breach? Do they provide support even after the website has gone live? When hiring a website development company, all of these things must be considered. 


    Checklist Before Publishing Your Website

    Your website development company must have a checklist as well. Find out by asking the following questions:

    • Ask their process on how they develop websites. 
    • Do they show it to you first or just publish it without asking for your feedback? 
    • Have they developed a website available on versions of iOs and Android?
    • Are their previous or current projects able to appear on the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and alike?

    If they sound unsure or too good to be true, consider looking for another company.


    We are now at the breaking point: “how much does it cost to hire a website development company?”

    I guarantee you, most clients stop their dreams of having a great website when they find out about the pricing. Honestly, most of the companies you see online offer the same services for the same price. Some may be cheaper while some appear more expensive than others. But think about this: your website is much more than just a place to tell your customers about your brand and values. It is in fact your hardest-working sales representative. No holiday breaks, never sleeping, keeping your customers enchanted with great ideas. This is why you need a solid foundation, a stunning design, and most importantly, optimised for conversions. A website development company lets you create an experience rather than a feeling of just “another expense.” 

    At Mars Digital, we create experiences that will last a while. We listen to your needs. Hence, the tagline is a YOU-focused agency. It is and will always be about YOU. You are hiring Mars Digital to fulfill YOUR needs. To make sure YOUR website is optimised to its full potential. We offer flexible packages without compromising the quality of the design and development of your website in New Zealand. 

    Over To You

    Oftentimes, when you hear “website developer” it costs a lot. It probably is. But it is an investment that could either make or break you. When hiring a website development company it is best to always follow your instincts. Hire someone that respects your values, supports your goals, and understands your needs. If you need advice on what to do about your website, get in touch here. 




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