How to Increase your Website’s Conversion Rate

Written by Matthew Edwards

April 30, 2020

A Zoom conversation with Sam (Topview Photography) & Sophie (Sophie Howard – Harcourts Tandem Realty) covering off a few ways business owners and real estate agents can improve their websites as well as touching on some key ideas of SEO (search engine optimisation).

Learn the basics of conversion rate optimisation and how to apply them to your very own website.

Get in touch with Sophie Howard for help buying or selling your property and with Sam of Top View Photography for help with creating 3D virtual tours.

A digital agency that creates solutions, not just websites.


      – Mars Digital

This isn’t something we thought just sounded good, it really is our underlying purpose, our goal and our motto.  We focus on developing ideas and bringing them to live through the use of the internet and related technologies.

We look into the issues and limits that a business is faced with and put our minds together to find a way to smash through the barrier and help your business soar!

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Trial & Error

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