Is Having A Unique and Strong Username and Password The Most Strategic Way to Secure Data?

Matthew Edwards

Written by Millie Manahan

April 13, 2022

Nowadays, privacy is a strong word but hardly practiced.  Especially now, that we are being invaded by digital and virtual inventions, our personal data is exposed to everyone. This is why using a strong and unique set of username and passwords are critical.

During ancient times, the use of passwords was used if there was someone who wants to enter the area.  As such, the watchword (term who knows the password for the place) opens the place to the person or group after giving out the password. 

Now that we are in a web-centric phase, the majority of the population accesses websites such as banks, blogs, and other online subscriptions.  With that said, everyone must have a set of unique usernames and passwords to prevent their data from being compromised.

Let me share with you some strategies that experts use to prevent from getting hacked! 

The longer Password you create, the better

Google experts say that the longer your password – a combination of letters and numbers – the better and hackers will have a hard time cracking it.  Hence, make it more diverse (or complicated to them) with a mixture of symbols, numbers, letters, and numbers. For example: “GUMBOOTS,” becomes: ”Gumb00t$$!%2o$$” 

However, as per Microsoft experts, we must minimise the use of the common or most obvious letter-to-symbol conversions such as the letter “O” to number 0 or lower case “i” to number 1.

Moreover, we can also use a line from our favourite song or poem as the password.  Anyway, hackers read codes only not novels so try something original.

Keep Passwords in a safe place

Gone are the days when you need to dig a hole in your backyard to secure your passwords.  Although some still do this, there are a lot of secured password management tools available online.  Since passwords and usernames are vulnerable, these applications are meant not only to safe-keep your data but also to manage it for easy access. 

secured website passwords

So, apart from the push notifications to change it if someone tries to hack, you can keep them in a safe place like the ones below:

  •   1Password
  •   KeePass
  •   Dashlane
  •   LastPass

Basically, a password manager is an app or web browser add-on that securely stores your logins and passwords. You can customize it to autofill your passwords, and some apps will even generate (and remember) strong passwords for you. Some password managers also have an option that allows you to set a master password, which protects access to all your other passwords and login information.

Alternatively, you set password recovery options or go old school (like me) by writing down your passwords and storing them in a safe place.  And, when I say safe place, somewhere you CAN remember and nobody knows. What’s good about going old school is, there’s no downtime.  Hence, if your phone got stolen or your laptop crashed, you can still go retrieve them with your actual notepads.

Now your turn

Compromising your data in this day and age is almost impossible.  This is because most websites are protected by reliable security software. However, when push comes to shove, secure your data and/or passwords accordingly.  When in doubt, go back to the basics – use a simple combination for your own safety. Alternatively, leave your website secured with us. We offer web security as a service through onsite security management, hosting, and consultancy. It is definitely avoidable. Let’s talk about it here.

How about you, how do you secure your data?

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