How to land on the first page of Google with minimal effort?

Matthew Edwards

Written by Millie Manahan

October 15, 2021

Google’s algorithm is a very complex system that decides which results are the best from thousands of data seen in their index. Your website is continuously ranked based on relevance and other ranking factors in search engine result pages (SERPs). This means that even though you have a good logo and produce quality content posts that make your website responsive and stand out, it isn’t enough to rank you higher than your competitors.

So, how can you get on the first page of Google with minimal effort? The answer is Google Reviews. Many digital marketing agencies that offer SEO services cite reviews as one of the most effective yet overlooked ways on how to rank higher in Google. Yes, link building and content creation are fool-proof SEO tactics, but reviews have so much more to offer as well. This is especially true if you are a local business.

Think of it this way. You search “digital marketing agency in Auckland” on Google and are presented with a list of reputable agencies near you. You are also shown snippets of reviews with 5-star rating systems, as well as the number of people that have left reviews. As a consumer, you are immediately attracted to businesses with the highest ratings and most positive reviews. Hence, chances of you availing of their products and services are higher. Now imagine not having a Google Reviews link to your business. You’re potentially losing serious dollars here. 

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Google Reviews Boost Credibility

First and foremost, it’s important to establish that potential customers trust other customers more than they trust you. 76% of consumers regard online reviews as just as trustworthy as personal recommendations. For all they know, you could just be marketing your brand without being fully transparent and honest. If they see other customers recommend the products and services you offer, they can start trusting your brand and what you have to offer. 

And when customers do leave reviews, Google reads your brand as a legitimate operation with real human interaction. Google likes this kind of stuff in their algorithm, so expect your rank to bump up a few steps.

Not to mention, having a Google My Business listing can help encourage potential customers to trust your brand. Consumers tend to have high trust and regard for Google, so when your business pops up with the Google My Business listing, they might think that Google is suggesting your brand to them. 

Google Reviews Help with SEO

Even with Google’s complex algorithm, it’s known that Google Reviews boost search engine optimisation by a large margin. Since Google finds the best results per search query, reviews can help them decide whether your business is the best or not. Reviews indicate if a majority of people like your business, helping Google further decide if you should place on the first page of search results or not. 

The more reviews you have, the more data Google has on you. You see, Google likes to read. The more content and information you have, the more knowledge Google has on your business. More keywords may also be associated with your brand, as your business may pop up from potential customers’ queries. 

Click-through rates also affect rankings in SERPs. If your business already has at least 4.5/5 stars with a lot of positive reviews and is in a relatively higher position than your competitors, there is a high chance that other potential customers will click on your site. After all, potential customers have high trust in reviews. But why is this important? If Google notices that a high percentage of consumers click on your website, they assume that a large majority favours your brand. This results in better rankings and organic traffic. Overall, these reviews add SEO value that helps in filling in any content gaps on your website, boost rankings, and improve online visibility.

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Google Reviews Increase Conversion Rates

Perhaps one of the most important features of Google Reviews is its ability to increase conversion rates. Every brand must develop good strategies for converting leads into sales. 

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Once potential customers do click on your website, they still need to have some sort of encouragement to make a purchase. User-friendly sites with good web development don’t hold a candle against the power of Google Reviews since this can do the conversion on its own. Businesses with good ratings on Google should further advertise their ratings on their website to fully encourage these potential customers. This increases customer trust, and consequently, increases conversion rates as well.

Google My Business

As a digital marketing agency in Auckland, we can help you get started on your Google My Business listing or get the most out of it. We can build up your profile for you, establish this link, and continue to optimise your profile to get on the first page of Google with minimal effort. 

Get in touch with us or browse the rest of our website to see how we can assist you.

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