Five Shifts In Education That Will Influence The Future Of Learning

Matthew Edwards

Written by Artur Meyster

March 15, 2021

A Note from Matthew Edwards

2020 had a major effect on everybody, no matter what industry you’re in, we were all forced to adapt. In the last couple of months or so I’ve personally been speaking with several individuals in the education space. So it seemed only fitting that we would have a guest post from a returning author specifically to do with the changes to the education sector and the future of learning.

Five Changing Trends in Education for the Future of Learning

What is a trend in the education industry? A trend in education is a shift in the general direction of how learning takes place to something new and usually more efficient. Since formal education became standardized, there have been several shifts in the education industry. Most of these changes have been embraced on a global scale while some others have been changed as quickly as they were adopted. Right now, many upcoming trends in education are making significant shifts from what we used to know to what younger generations will grow to know.

1. In-person Classes to Online Learning

In-person classes have been the prevailing trend in the education industry for years. Even as online learning became more popular, it was primarily an option for college students. About 33% of all college students were reportedly taking online courses from accredited universities before Covid-19. In the Covid-19 era, things have taken a different turn. Online learning is no longer trending among older students. Students from every level of education have benefited significantly from online learning classes. Millions of students have been enrolled in digital classes by their schools or parents. This shift from in-person classes to online learning has not been without flaws but they are bound to get better with time.

2. Online Learning to Hybrid Learning

As seen above, online learning isn’t without its flaws. There is still a lot of work to be done before students of all ages can rely strictly on a digital source of education. A more viable alternative that is going to overtake online learning is hybrid or blended learning. Rather than focusing solely on the Internet for education, students will get half their studies online and half from in-person classes. Hybrid learning is typically more efficient for medical and engineering students.

Online Learning and Education

3. Paper and Pen to Electronic Notes

The days of taking notes with pen and paper are slowly going away. Many students are required to take notes with their laptops and other digital devices. Developing countries might be lagging in this regard but there are still some private schools that provide students with computers during school hours. They can’t take these computers home but daily use helps to brush up their digital literacy skills. It might take time for developing countries to catch up with this trend but they will catch up eventually when there are enough resources.

4. Traditional Storage to Blockchain Database

Blockchain is one of the emerging technologies that will change the education industry and the rest of the world as we know it. Blockchain technology is a decentralized system that relies on many databases rather than a single server room. The most common application of blockchain technology is bitcoin. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are used in the financial application of this technology but the blockchain is a trusted technology for storing data. Information stored on the blockchain is tamper-free and can remain there for a lifetime. So, it improves record-keeping and the overall administrative aspects of education.

5. General Curriculums to Customized Curriculums

Another upcoming trend in education is the shift from general curriculums to more personalized or customized ones. Instead of forcing every student to follow a general predetermined outline, students will be taught based on what they love. They will be able to focus on their strengths instead of feeling bad about their weaknesses. There will still be some core subjects that students will be required to pass to move forward with their education but the number of core subjects will decrease. English and math will most likely remain core subjects in the United States but students will have the power to choose subjects they are efficient in from an early stage.


The education trends listed above are just a few of the many that are already revolutionizing learning. Most of these new trends are fueled by technological innovations and there is no age bracket on education. Working-class members of society can enroll in online bootcamps like those at to get the skills they need without seeing the four walls of a classroom. This is all thanks to technology.

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