Five Productivity Tips that Will Change the Way You Work From Home

Matthew Edwards

Written by Artur Meyster

May 27, 2021

A Note from Matthew Edwards

I started Mars Digital back in 2018 after leaving another large digital agency. Among the reasons for doing so was to work-life balance; and if I’m being honest, I’ve failed miserably at this. Long term I’m sure it will work out but it’ll take time to get there. In the interim, however, we need to look at what we can do to improve our success and reach that goal as fast as possible. To do that, we need to be as productive as we can. So without further ado, here are some tips and tricks put together by Artur, our friends over at Career Karma.

Five Productivity Tips that Will Change the Way You Work From Home

Something we don’t usually realize is that we tend to work in autopilot mode. We’re so immersed in repetitive tasks that we get tired and become unproductive. This happens especially if we work from home, where we usually have too many distractions.

However, there are some things you can do to increase your productivity. Whether you’re a software engineer working from home or a digital marketer in a big agency, these productivity tips based on concepts from psychology will help you be more efficient.

1. Go for a Walk

We know you need to put an extra hour to that particular project you’re working on. However, it’s neither healthy nor efficient for you if you don’t take breaks. Taking a break between hours when you’re working will help you improve your productivity. Whenever you feel too tired or are just working on autopilot, go for a walk for at least 15 minutes, and resume work once you feel better.

2. Dress for Success

Although it sounds stupid, this tip is actually pretty helpful. When you’re working from home or even at the office, it’s important to train your mind for work time. Dressing appropriately will not only raise your confidence, but also remind your brain it is time to work.

This is especially important when you’re working from home since we usually think that comfy is better. In some ways this is true—we’re not saying you should wear a gown or suit—but you should wear something that makes you feel productive.

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3. Create a To-do List

Having a to-do list is more powerful than you may think. Sometimes we have a bunch of things to do and don’t know how to organize our daily activities. If you create a to-do list, you’re going to be able to prioritize your tasks and work on those that are more urgent. This way, you’ll be more organized and efficient.

Prioritizing activities could be one of the most important tasks of your day. Therefore, this could be the first thing to do before you start working. If you want to be more productive, this is a good way to start.

4. Learn How to Deal with Distractions

Learn How to Deal with Distractions
We all know distractions are the main obstacle when we want to be productive. Five minutes on the phone could become 30. Therefore, we must find a way to deal with distractions.

Another example of a distraction is when someone at work wants to speak to you for minor things. This interrupts your work and you could lose your train of thought. If this ever happens to you, try to speak with your coworkers in advance and let them know you’re going to be busy.

Not all distractions are negative. A positive distraction could save you from making huge mistakes or doing things the wrong way. Imagine you’re working on Social Media Management and you receive a message from your boss telling you not to post the next content because it has offensive language or simply because he changed the strategy. If you actively decide to ignore this distraction, you’ll be making a mistake.

What you can do is to try to turn off your notifications from social media or other irrelevant apps and only receive messages with an “urgent” tag or messages from specific people like your boss or clients.

5. Engage Publicly

There’s nothing more engaging when it comes to work than committing publicly. This means that every day you must tell your colleagues what you’re planning to do. This will help you stay motivated to meet your goals. If you don’t feel comfortable when doing a daily update, you could also do it on a weekly basis.


Procrastination and distractions are the main enemies of productivity. If you can avoid those two monsters, you’ll be able to improve your productivity and become a more valuable employee. However, it’s not all about becoming a workaholic. Remember to take breaks once in a while and focus on your happiness.

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