Dealing with Pay Per Click Fraudsters

Written by Matthew Edwards

May 5, 2020

Are you running a Google Ads campaign with no success? Does it seem like you’re meeting your advertising budget without seeing the desired results? If so, then you could be a victim of Pay Per Click fraudsters. This is a serious issue in the digital marketing industry, and we can help put a stop to it.

We offer a Google Ads service that will help you get a much better return on investment. Our experienced digital marketers can help you with all of your PPC needs to ensure you’re targetting the right audiences and getting useful clicks on your ads. This will lead to better lead generation, saving you time and money.

As part of our service, we offer click fraud protection. This involves the use of specialist software to stop click fraud in its tracks. The results are that you gain more natural clicks, and you avoid running out of money to pay for the ads.

What is PPC Fraud?

PPC or click fraud refers to instances where illegitimate clicks occur on your ads. Someone is clicking your adverts with absolutely zero intention of buying anything on your site. They do this to use up your clicks, so to speak. 

Imagine you have a monthly Google Ads spend of $1000. Every time your ads get clicked, you pay money. With click fraud, people will target your ads and click on them countless times to make you spend lots of money. Eventually, you use up your monthly budget, but see no results from the campaign. This is a common tactic for rival businesses overseas to use as they want to steal your clicks away. And unfortunately it’s made it’s way to New Zealand.

A good analogy is that it’s like sticking flyers up around town to advertise your business. You spend a lot of money on those flyes, so you hope people will pick them up and come to your store. Unfortunately, someone has come and taken all your flyers and thrown them in the bin. Thus, you’ve spent loads of money, but nobody comes to your store.

How can our PPC fraud protection help?

We use click fraud protection software in all of our Google Ads services. This software is designed to identify fraudulent clicks on your ads. Bear in mind that around 25% of clicks are deemed fraudulent! The software will automatically detect and block any IP addresses that are exhibiting fraudulent behaviour. As a result, we can reduce your number of fraud clicks per day and per month.

Save money and take care of click fraud

Our service is proven to be effective. One client came to us with an $800 monthly budget for Google Ads. He found that a whopping 70% of clicks were fraudulent! It was eating up his budget, so we took control of things for him. With our Google Ads service and click fraud management, we diverted over $500 worth of fraudulent clicks in the first week!

Over half of his advertising budget was gone within a week because of click fraud – and we turned things around.

Let us do the same for you. If you’re having issues with PPC fraud, then contact us today. We’ll devise the perfect Google Ads campaign for your business, ensuring that those fraudulent clicks are kept away. As a result, you can maximize your ROI and generate more leads!

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