5 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips

Written by Matthew Edwards

December 18, 2019

While your site maybe number one from an SEO perspective, there really is no point if it’s not generating any leads or sales; and that is where conversation rate optimisation comes in.

Conversion rate optimisation is rooted heavily in user experience and design and is the process of improving a websites performance when it comes to “converting” traffic. Here are five tips you can do right now to improve the conversion of your website.

1. Show off Your Products

Design your website around large images that entice visitors and present product benefits. On your homepage, consider using a full-screen image of a popular or top selling item to showcase your best offerings.

Use high quality images that work on a variety of devices. Make sure the product stands out from other parts of the image such as the background. A great example of this comes from the HiKOKI homepage, where the images show products against beautiful backgrounds. Each image is designed in a way that makes you want to click.

2. Streamlined Checkout

Make your checkout simple. A streamlined checkout experience limits cart abandonment and helps users complete transactions quickly. Having an integrated shopping cart built into your store provides a secure checkout experience with minimal friction during order completion.

3. Make Buttons Large and Use Colour

Impulse buys affect everyone, even the most calculated individuals and impulse purchases have been linked to a greater feeling of satisfaction. Play off the urge by creating buttons that are large and colourful. The easier a button is to find and click, the more likely you are to convert a sale.

The colour you choose for buttons should be consistent and match the palette of your website. It should also stand in contrast to other elements on the page. Bold colors such as red or yellow are popular. Put boxes around buttons to make them look more appealing and clickable.

4. Don’t Force Registration on Checkout

Not every customer wants to and definitely isn’t going to register on your website, so why prevent them from making a purchase? Allow users to checkout without creating an account.

If you really want registration details, consider asking after check out. By requesting information post-purchase, you are less likely to put up a user roadblock.

5. Focus on Simple Language and Typography

Everything about the sales process should be simple, and that includes the language and typefaces you use on your site.

Consider simple language for buttons such as “Buy Now,” “Add to Cart” or “Purchase.” Use the same phrases in every instance that presents the same action. When it comes to typography, opt for fonts that are easy to read such as sans serif.

Now that you have a few new techniques in mind, it’s time to start optimising your website! What conversion optimisation techniques have you found most helpful on your website?

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